1. Download DSecure from DSecure Download Page

2. Extract in your flashcard root (DSECURE.nds and DSecure folder)

3. Download ttio.dldi DLDI driver from DLDI page

4. Patch DSECURE.nds with ttio.dldi (you can find a patcher in DLDI page)

5. Open DSecure folder

6. Open filename.txt

7. Delete text inside


9. Enjoy


1. Scarica DSecure da DSecure Download Page

2. Estrailo nella root della tua flashcard (DSecure.nds e la cartella DSecure)

3. Scarica ttio.dldi dalla pagina DLDI

4. Patcha DSECURE.nds con ttio.dldi (puoi trovare un patcher nella pagina DLDI)

5. Apri la cartella DSecure

6. Apri filename.txt

7. Cancellane il testo

8. Scrivici TTMENU.DAT

9. Divertiti

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