DLDI (Dynamically Linked Disc Interface) are driver which consent to DS Homebrews the Direct Access to the microSD (FAT)

DLDI (Dynamically Linked Disc Interface) si riferisce ai driver che consentono agli homebrew DS di accedere al FAT

Why DLDI? Modifica

New flashcard has auto DLDI Patching, but DSecure requires manual DLDI patching (once) becouse it replace itself at Flashcard loader.

Le nuove flashcard hanno l'auto DLDI patching, ma DSecure richiede un patching DLDI manuale (una sola volta) perchè si sotsituisce al loader della flashcard.

More informations here : [1]

DLDI Files Modifica

EZ Flash V/Vi/V+ :


Acekard 2 :


R4 :


Top Toy DS (DSTT) :


DLDI Patchers Modifica

Windows :

 DLDITool Windows with GUI

Linux  :

 DLDITool Linux

Mac OS :

 DLDITool Mac

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